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Foot Themed Gifts for Someone Suffering With Foot Pains

December 14, 2009 by apainintheheel  
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Got a loved one who is suffering with foot pain? Well, now you can find the perfect foot themed gifts for them. Here are some of my suggestions (and some of these are on my list). Hint. Hint. LOL

foot spa foot themed gifts


A foot spa is the top item on my own holiday list. Just think of dipping your feet in a nice warm spa jacuzzi! Sounds wonderful right now. And even better after a day loaded with lots of shopping and cooking. A foot spa will help to soother and pamper sore and tired feet. I think its one of those perfect gifts anyone on your list would be happy to recieve.


dreamtime_spa_slippers blue 

 How about a nice pair of comfortable slippers to soothe your feet? These are special slippers that provide aromatherapy to take your tension and stress away. But best of all, these slippers are microwaveable. Have you ever tried a pair of microwavable slippers? Sounds dreamy to me. Microwave these slippers to comfort cold, sore, tired feet or to help relive foot pains.  Freeze these slippers on hot days to rejuvenate tired feet and decrease swelling. They have a fragrant blend of lavender and peppermint that always helps to calm, soothe the delight the senses.

Sounds very relaxing to me! How about you? These slippers are the perfect “Sole Mate” for the loved ones on your holiday shopping list.



body shop

Peppermint is the perfect herbal solution for feet. It helps to reduce redness and irritation of the skin and increases circulation. Increased circulation helps to relieve itching and eliminates toxins. The cooling effect of peppermint is a great effect on tired feet, swollen and sore. Peppermint promotes a cooling sensation to leave feet feeling refreshed and helps to combat odor, while menthol further cools skin to leave it feeling refreshed. This gift set includes all the essentials for a peppermint foot-pampering regimen.

 The Body Shop offers a lot of great foot products your feet will love you for. Yet another perfect gift solution for anyone on your holiday shopping list.


Crocs shoes are the most perfect lightweight and comfortable shoes for anyone on your list. From Kids, Men and Women, They come in all different price ranges. Check out the holiday gift guide from Crocs Inc. While you are visiting Crocs, dont forget to sign up for the Deal of the Week.
Have you got any other special treats for the feet? What are you going to buy for those on your shopping list?


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3 Responses to “Foot Themed Gifts for Someone Suffering With Foot Pains”
  1. Iris says:

    I love all these gifts! I would love to soak my tired, sore feet in a nice warm foot spa and followed up with those peppermint foot products, and wrap with a pair of warm cozy slippers or comfy crocs! I’m adding them ALL to my wish list!

    I hadn’t thought of this combination of items — they would be great stocking stuffers for Christmas or a great gift basket for someone suffering from foot problems. Thanks!

  2. Bru says:

    Wow, that can be extremely punafil! The fascia (or plastic wrap-type covering of the tendons around the heel area) can become swollen, tight, and compress the nerves causing extreme pain. Mine used to hurt when I was running all over the hospital floors when working as a registered nurse. If you cannot give your foot (or feet) some absolute rest, they will not get a chance to decrease in swelling. The cold packs or ice will help, but sometimes it takes more than that. Your feet are really asking for non-weight bearing rest and gentle movements.Injections hurt worse than the pain (or they did for me) although it can really help decrease the swelling and thereby reduce or get rid of the pain completely. Did I mention how much those injections hurt?Check this website out, as well as WebMD for very helpful suggestions and best wishes for a speedy recovery!


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