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Choosing The Right Shoe Inserts For You

January 2, 2010 by apainintheheel  
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custom foot orthotics for plantar fasciitisShoe inserts are one of the most indispensable and helpful products that you can use while undergoing plantar fasciitis treatment. Because plantar fasciitis can be very painful, wearing regular shoes may prove to be almost impossible or excruciating. It is very important to get the right footwear if you have the condition. While it’s wise to buy new shoes that have been specifically designed for plantar fasciitis and other foot problems, shoe inserts can still be very helpful as well. Shoe inserts, which are also known as insoles or orthotics shoe inserts address a variety of foot problems like supination and pronation among other things. Inserts also increase stability of the foot while the user is mobile, and they provide proper cushioning of the heel as well.

There are different factors that must be thought of when it comes to choosing the right orthotics shoe inserts. This is because not all inserts are made the same, and not all of them address the same kinds of foot problems. The type of foot that you have will play a major role on your shoe insert choice. There are numerous models of inserts that are created to fit different types of foot. Cupped models, for example, are perfect for people ho have high to medium arch feet. Inserts with posted insoles are great for those who have low arches, or even those who have flat feet. There are also supported models, which lift a particular part of the foot, such as the ball of the foot. Neutral designs provide overall comfort for those needing moderate support.

There are different kinds of inserts. The most common inserts are Gel Inserts or Carbosan Type inserts. While the choice of material does not really matter when it comes to effectiveness, comfort is still a huge factor. Gel inserts are made from silicone that is dense, and these have specific points for pressure relief. Carbosan top inserts, on the other hand, are softer than the former, and are made from anti – microbial materials.

Lastly, the condition preempting you to use a shoe insert may also be a determining factor on your shoe insert of choice. There are different shoe inserts made for diabetes, plantar fasciitis and even arthritis.  is amazing and the benefits are endless. With these factors presented, you can now take a look at several types of shoe inserts that are affordable and quick to use, and can easily relieve pain brought about by plantar fasciitis.

Metatarsal Pads – Metatarsal pads are inserts placed under the metatarsalgia or the ball of the foot, helping decrease pain and pressure under that part of the foot.

Gel Heel Cups - Gel heel cups are one of the most common choices of plantar fasciitis patients, as they provide a lot of protection and padding over the areas that experience most pain. Gel heel cups usually elevate the hindfoot, thus relieving and reducing pressure placed on the plantar fascia. Gel heel cups are perfect for  everyday wear.

Arch Support Inserts - Arch support inserts are shoe inserts that provide people who have high arches with the right support so as to reduce pronation. Arch supports place the foot in neutral position, and reduces foot pain as well.

Shoe inserts are undoubtedly one of the best inventions, and one of the most helpful products for people who suffer from severe foot pain brought about by plantar fasciitis. Regardless of your shoe insert of choice, it is undeniable that investing in a pair of them or two can provide amazing gains and endless relief on your part as the user.

Here are several choice shoe inserts you may want to try.

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