Friday, November 17th, 2017

The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works

The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works has everything you need to:

* Reverse the mechanism that is making your feet hurt
* Make your feet strong and work correctly again
* Do away with the factors that cause Plantar Fasciitis to continually get worse

On the DVD you will learn essential information necessary to [...]

The Heel Pain R.E.S.C.U.E. Program: A Comprehensive Guide to Eliminating Heel Pain Caused by Plantar Fasciitis (DVD)

Our founder, Daniel Marein-Efron, developed plantar fasciitis while training for the 2002 New York City Marathon. He invested hundreds of dollars in special devices and repeated visits to doctors, but nothing seemed to help. After several frustrating months, he began to do his own research on the condition. What he found is that most people [...]

The Foot Book: Relief for Overused, Abused & Ailing Feet

Take your feet in hand! Nine out of ten of us have foot problems. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, problems such as runner’s heel, tendinitis, heel spurs, bunions, hammer toes, and more can seriously impede your mobility and put a major crimp in your lifestyle. In this all-inclusive guide, well-known podiatrist Dr. Glenn Copeland brings [...]

Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes

Third edition of a comprehensive book on the care of active feet. Sections on Foot Basics; Footwear Basics; Prevention; Treatments; Sources and Resources. Useful for runners, walkers, hikers, adventure racers, climbers, soldiers and dancers.
Paperback: 341 pages
Publisher: Wilderness Press; 3rd edition (June 15, 2004)
Language: English

Injury Afoot: 30 Things You Can Do to Relieve Heel Pain and Speed Healing of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is more than just a case of a sore foot. The nagging, painful foot condition can be akin to a railroad spike jammed into your heel. This book contains your 30-point action plan to overcome plantar fasciitis. The information within will save you the time of hunting down and deciphering conflicting advice, and [...]

The 5-Minute Plantar Fasciitis Solution

The 5-Minute Plantar Fasciitis Solution is a simple and quick do-it-yourself program that will help you recover from one of mankind’s most common and annoying foot problems- plantar fasciitis. This book will teach you the most effective and easy therapy around. Make the pain in your heel dissappear in only 5 minutes a day.
While the [...]